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Monday, February 19, 2018


DAVINAH SAMINI: DS is an enigmatic, nonchalant Television host who has dazzled the Screens since her debut in 2013. A natural knack for the Camera and an ever refreshing approach to conversations, she has risen to become one of the most preferred interview-VJs across continent. With a cross-cultural background shuffling between, UK, USA and Ghana, DS approaches Television with a rich and intensive cultural dominance that gives her the ability to adapt to any given situation or set. This young lady is nothing short of a dynamic talent with the flexibility to fit into any working environment she is presented with. A natural clarity of spirit and joyful desire to learn is part of a purpose of character that is regularly, described as intoxicating and wonderful. With a profound fondness of the kitchen and whipping up something spicy, a thriving love for music and keeping fit, DS seems to be that complete package. Outspoken, Confident, Loud, Honest and Loveable are words that come to mind immediately she steps on the scene. DS is determined to parlay her charismatic personality and tireless work ethic into a successful media career. She’s a roundhouse, a full course meal, brassy, aggressive, hyper, laughable, lovable, soulful, tender, low-down, earthy and hungry, hungry for her place and willing to work for it. A one-woman Army, Meet the all New Zone Three 6 VJ.


Kwame A.A Opoku is a Speaker, TV Host, Creative Writer, Young Entrepreneur and a Social Media/Digital Marketer.

As an entrepreneur, he is the Managing Partner of Blaq Qode, a 360Degree creative service provider, a co-founder of Brand Interactive Group Africa (BIG Africa) a multi-faceted branding and marketing solutions firm and one of the leading content and integrated marketing firms in Africa.

He is the Co-Founder of Idea Factory Africa, IDEA FACTORY AFRICA (I.F.A) is a global African Community and a Social Enterprise, welcoming young people from every discipline and culture who seek to influence the continent through NOVEL IDEAS.

He has lead and successfully launched campaigns with some of Africa’s finest entertainers including B.E.T Award Winner and arguably Africa’s greatest rap sensation currently Sarkodie, R2bees D Black, Davido,Wizkid,2Face, Ice Prince, M.I and International super stars like T Pain, Mario, Fabulous, Trey Songs and Amber Rose.

He has also lead social media campaigns and event projects for multi-national companies such as Vodafone Ghana, RLG, MTN, Voltic, Hennessey, Capital Bank, Ghandour Cosmetics and the likes.

A seasoned motivational speaker, who dazzles with humour and keeps his audience glued and gives him the dexterity to handle diverse audiences.


His real name is Jeffery Frimpong, popularly known as U.K Boga. He lived a significant part of his adult life in London. Everyone knows him as a dancer, but not many know that he also enjoys street dancing and doing backflips in his spare time (lol). He intends to be world famous for  dancing.
He’s a natural athlete who is more taken to football. He trained and played for a few football clubs, for a while. He probably took dancing more seriously than football. He happens to be one of those weird people who dance even when there is no music playing; that is how passionate he is about dancing.

He was born and a raised christian, and his beliefs can be summed up into doing good unto others, and putting God first in everything. He believes teamwork is important for success in every endeavour and it is even more important in his dancing career. He belongs to  a dance group called ‘Ghana Boyz’, where he has learnt a lot about taking criticism, supporting other people and working hard.

He has come a long way from the lone wolf who arrived in London with a dream. He has worked hard to earn what he has now and is proud of his achievements. He believes he has come this far through focus and self – motivation. He does not think he has arrived, he still has unanswered prayers and unattained heights but he’s grateful and also hopeful.

Apart from being a dancer, hes also an astute businessman. He always sees business opportunities even in mundane circumstances.  He has a lot of business ideas that he intends to follow through with and actually enjoys the brainstorming process of coming up with business ideas. He also has the knack for organising unique events and adding a personal touch (he’s always creating opportunities for the dancer in him to come out and diaplay).

Recently, his dance crew got nominated for a dance award in Ghana, which is an accomplishment he is greatly proud of. Another great accomplishment is being in Davido’s ‘If’ music video. Davido is a well-recognised afrobeats artist and being in his video is a great privilege. Uber has also recognised his talent and are sponsoring him; he even has his own Uber code. They have also recognised him as the ‘UK’s most influential dancer’.

He has had the opportunity to work with influential acts like Sarkodie, Davido, Shatta Wale, and several others. He looks forward to working with many other acts in and across the continent. As a believer, he recognises the  importance of walking  through any doors that are opened for him.

He considers himself as a ‘people’s person’. He is always excited to meet and speak with new people. He has a philosophy that “you never know what wisdom you can gain from meeting someone new”. Among his friends, he’s usually the clown who is always laughing and cracking others up with laughter. He is a carrier of positive energy and is hyped to fill the show with a lot of laughter, energy and positive vibes.


Eleanor is a natural conversationist who is crazy about the world of fashion.  She spends most if her time drawing designs and hand sewing clothes. She believes in the need to build a personal brand. In her own words

“Once you understand how you wish your brand to be perceived, you can start to be more strategic about your personal brand. This doesn’t mean you can’t be human. On the contrary, as Michael Simmons writes, authenticity is key in the digital age. A strong personal brand can yield tremendous Return On Investment whether you are working with an organization or leading one.”

Her daily pursuit is to build a brand that’s different from anything anyone has seen. Something that reflects various personalities and helps people who are otherwise seen as ‘weird’ to come out of their shells and confidently express themselves.

Apart from making new clothes and turning old clothes into completely new and fashionable pieces. She enjoys being a TV host. It comes to her naturally and allows her to use her  fun and bubbly personality to captivate her audience. She has also realized that creative writing may be one of her fortés as well.

Apart from sleeping, she invests more time to sewing. She is convinced that her entire life and purpose is centred around sewing, designing and anything creative. Creative directing is a field she’s currently exploring as well.

So far, she has competed in two pageants, Miss Universe Ghana and Miss Ghana both in 2015, coming out with the title Miss Top Model. She believes that both platforms have helped her put her goals into perspective.

She intends to start her very own clothing line called “aliénor”. It’s something she is extremely proud of even though it hasn’t quite kicked of yet. People already know of aliénor and look forward to seeing what it has to offer, which is why she is proud of her initiative

She values faith, passion, hard work and determination; which she believes are the springboard to any tangible achievement. These are the qualities that will help her attain her short-term goals of completing her tertiary education with flying colours, establishing herself as a fashion designer, and becoming a recognized TV personality.

She wants  to be perceived as that determined, creative and out-of-the-box thinker, the passionate and innovative personality that lights up the room with her presence. As a VJ for the all new season of Zone Three6, she looks forward to lighting up the screens with her wit, bubbly personality, and infectious smile.


Prince Moneey is no new face to Television, the astute entrepreneur also runs a boutique investment firm with different interests in a highly diversified portfolios. PMN embodies a complete brand and brings with him years of experience as a critically acclaimed fashionista, a boss in his own right and one of the most level headed individuals you can ever meet.

Making his Debut with Zone Three 6 TV show in October 2014, PMN has gone on to become a complete media head, with the aptitude, the flair, the business acumen, that unique presenting style and a unique voice. The cameras naturally love him.

The DC native has a multi-faceted and intriguing persona and is likely to keep viewers entertained and spellbound from the first sighting. He walks with a confidence that is concealed by his humility.

He describes himself as “a hard-working go-getter that is passionate about life, optimistic and spirited”, he has the making to become one of the biggest sensations to hit television screens.


Among the countless stories of newcomers finding fame and a place in the Television industry, few are as entertaining and unusual as King Kay. A very unconventional believer blessed with a unique appreciation and understanding of music both as a craft and as a business model coupled with a natural flair for the cameras.

A fierce personality with an ever vibrant approach to his presenting style, King Kay will certainly keep his audience enchanted every time he hits the screens. With over 8 years of industry experience, as creative director, KK seemed to have carved a niche for himself and has set his throne in his own real, ready to rule the airwaves. King Kay is a charismatic and versatile presenter with an infectious personality, a healthy addiction to video games and an ego that can make the world go round.